Monday, May 25, 2009

Zoom through the Zoo evolved to Stumble through the Zoo

Well, well, well...what a difference 9/10 of a mile makes from a 5k to a 4 miler! Let's just say I have a healthy respect for those mastering a 4 miler. It was at night, it was hot, I was underhydrated and undernourished...a recipe for disaster. I will say that at least I ran the two miles through the zoo and had a last minute burst of energy in the last 1/10 of a mile to race over the finish line. Other than that, this race kicked my butt! I am still glad I did it. Last week I placed first in my age group, right? This week: 26 out of 32 women and I am thankful for THAT ranking! I didn't come in last, did I?
The next two weeks bring old fashioned training and gym workouts. No 5k looming in the horizon this weekend. I set my sites on the ultrafun Harbortown 5k...flat as a pancake passing by beautiful homes and the scenic Mississippi River on June 5. It's followed by beer, live bands and a party as the sun sets on the river. Certainly a nice reprieve from Thursday nights "not quite Zoomer"
My marathon running triathlete 60 year old uncle was visiting from New Orleans this weekend. He gave me one of his running caps developed by my hero, John Bingham. It even has the penguin logo on the cap. It is now called my "lucky cap".
You know what? I don't care if I place first or last...I am running and I love it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Facebook turned my blog mind into mush!

It's true! I totally turncoated on blogging! Facebook is like junk food! Hard to stop once you start ! Maggie at has enticed me back into the world of blogging by returning me to where this all began: The Southern Reading Challenge. I have no idea what I'm going to read,yet. I am looking forward to searching this week for a short list of nominees.

I resorted to using this page as a sort of journal of my running. Facebook even sucked THAT away from my blog. So much easier, so much instant gratification when you post something there.
I finished my 7th 5k yesterday. This one was my first hometown race and I won in my age division. Got myself some bling, I did! Most of runs have been in Memphis.I've run past upscale neighborhoods,golf courses,old churches, schools, universities, rolling farmland,lakes and ponds.I've heard the sound of the police cruiser's engine close behind me as we both closed down a course together, the sound of children cheering and grown folks clapping and waving.I've thanked policemen at busy intersections as they held traffic at bay, young kids reaching out to me with cups of cool water, been touched by the elderly couple, still running, but holding hands as they did.
Running has been the most dramatic internal transformation I have experienced in a long time. It amazes me, surprises me, pushes me and gives me a deep down kind of confidence no self help book in the world could deliver.
I have finished first in my age group, last in my age group, top half, bottom half, one spot away from a medal. Every race, I didn't care about the bling. Just racing against myself. My bottom line goal in every race is to start running and not stop, no matter what, until I cross the finish line.
This week I "Zoom through the Zoo". I'm looking forward to looking at animals as I pass my way through another race.
Here's hoping I'm back on track with the blogging.
Thanks to all who read and encourage me. It is appreciated!