Sunday, March 29, 2009

I ran my first 5k and place 3rd in my age group!

Yes! I did! I really did! On whim, I decided to just jump in and run a 5K. I had been in a mental slump with running and felt I needed something to jolt me out of it. I didn't do anything to prepare other than my usual running/weight lifting routine but I left off my Friday run to rest my legs for the Saturday 5k because I'd read that somewhere.
I didn't sleep too well the night before and I worried that I would be too fatigued to even finish. Also, I train on a flat course and this was a hilly course. It challenged me but I just kept my slow little pace and forged on. Frankly, I think the reason I even placed is because the fast runners in my age category weren't there. My finish time was 40:27 and the next woman up was under 34. See? So, I've signed up for another one next week in Memphis. Clearly, I have caught the bug. I met two women near my age who are runners and they were very encouraging. A neighbor's brother was one of the volunteers who welcomed me. It's a community, from what I can tell. But here's the thing...yes I loved the comraderie, loved the tshirt LOVED the medal and applause...but what I really loved was being a solitary runner, with my own thoughts, my own music, running in collaboration with all these different kind of runners... I don't feel competitive with others. I just want to beat my own time everytime it's possible!This 5K gave me the boost to keep going,the confidence that I am "on to something" and a renewed hope and excitement about hitting the pavement again in the morning. A solitary runner, once again.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Begin Month 9 today!

Wow! I've really lagged behind in my blog, haven't I? Blame it on Facebook, the new love of my life!
I have been running, though...and I joined a gym and started that a couple of weeks ago. I really like working out with weights. Last week was Spring Break and I was off schedule so I didn't get the miles in I should. Today felt great, my legs felt so rested!
The running is still good and I find it to be a positive constant when life swirls around you and tries to trip you up!
It was a relief to return to the road after a break. Back to the gym this afternoon and forging onward toward the mythical 5K soon!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Week 30 went out with a whimper

Gee, I hate writing whimper in my blog title. Work has been kicking my butt lately. Left on a school trip Friday, tried to run on the beach..ouch, that is a painful thing to do! Ate junk food on the road, rode all night in a charter get the picture. NOT conducive to a runner's life. So, I only logged 8.5 miles last week because of it. This week my goal is increased time. I'm not going to think about distance. I'm just going to up my time to 35 minutes and run it no matter how far I go. I've got to put it in high gear for the 5K's coming up.
A bright spot? When I got home at 4:30a.m. Sunday from the trip, my new Runner's World mag was here. Talk about divine intervention. I slept all yesterday and will rest again today, but tomorrow? back on it with a vengeance!