Saturday, February 28, 2009

I started month 8 this week!

This week I started month 8! What a great week! I logged 10.6 miles. YES! The good news just keeps a comin...ha!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

And This Week I Logged 10.4 Miles! A GREAT Finish To Month 7! Yes!

Today I tagged on 1.5 miles in a wet cold drizzle to bring my mileage total for the week to 10.4 miles. The past two weeks I couldn't seem to get past 9.4...but finally my body cooperated and I was able to make it to this short term goal. Last night I went to Walgreens and bought every woman's fitness magazine I could find. Lots of great information for me to use when I make it to the gym, which I haven't made it to,yet. Work is closing in on me right now but in the next few days I'll take my nerdy,fitness book reading self in there and get started. I'm excited about that. Have gone online and picked out 3 or 4 5Ks to run in the spring so I will begin focusing on doing those well...Have I mentioned, I love this running?? Yippee!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This past week I logged 9.4 miles!

In reference to the last post, yes running helped the aching heart. The ache is a distant memory and for that I am thankful. Resting up today, starting another week tomorrow and joining a gym. Time to strengthen the core more than I can with my "home remedies" lol!
Looking forward with excitement to 5K's very very soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thank God for Running When You Have An Aching Heart

It seems I have an aching heart. It's an emotionally aching heart. And so I'm going for my 5th run of the week to try and make it to ten miles. And it gives me even more reasons to be thankful for running, to be grateful for running, to love the running like I do. It can be a comfort on a dark day.It has almost taken on the qualities of a trusted companion.At this point, that quite possible may be as close as I get to one of those, a trusted companion, I mean.
Hope the run is as good as yesterdays. This is an afternoon run and usually I don't fare as well, but, what the heck?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I logged 9.4 miles this week

Yes, you read it right! This week I added a fifth short run which brought me to 9.4 miles. There were some really great moments this week. I find that running alleviates stress. That if I'm upset or worried I can hit the pavement and a lot of the troubled thoughts seem to dissipate. So, it's in the head..this running..I have maintained that concept for quite some time, though it was my short run, I had hard time getting into was really warm compared to what I'd been used was an afternoon run and I usually run in the mornings...and I was in a moody black funk mood...the mood did lighten a bit but those feelings were pretty intense..I daresay it would have taken a run to Sardis Lake and back to chase those dark thoughts away.. Oh, well..maybe another day, huh?
I am working toward ten miles per week.I think it will probably take another six weeks to work up to that.
Tomorrow is a rest day and then starts again. I am anxious for Tuesday already...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Effect of Facebook on a running journal

Lest you think I've stopped running, I haven't! In fact four mornings a week I'm out there 30 minutes straight...running. Right now the 70's tunes are perking me up. I also notice how much easier the runs are getting, especially since I'm not battling food at all those holiday parties! I love running and I especially love the emotional feeling after a run. Not a drop of guilt on my psyche at that point! I'm running roughly 8 1/2 miles per week but I have my eye on increasing to 10 miles a week by putting in a "short run" on a fifth day. After musical director demands cease at the end of February, I crave some gym time! Need some core strength. Also there is great optimism as the "season of 5Ks" approaches.
So the effect of Facebook is this: I'm on THERE all the time instead of here all the time! Details of the "fb" addiction in coming blog entries!