Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quick catch-up of the summer of running

Heat. Heat is the word for the day regarding my running experience of the summer! Heat. Heat. Heat. Can't type it enough to illustrate how it dominated my running. When I ran. Heat.How fast I ran. Heat.How much water I drank. Heat. Heat. Heat!
Now, here's the good news. "They" tell me that my time will be SO much faster when it cools off because of the conditioning I've experienced this summer. While winter and spring were honeymoon experiences, the summer was when the "bloom was off the vine". I had to dig in and find deeper reasons for the love of running. It was a surprise, this heat, this dealing with the heat. Yet, I am glad for it. There is a core of love for this stuff, this running! I am willing to dig wherever and however I need to to keep it going! Running with Elvis at the gates of Graceland August 15th. Come join me!