Sunday, March 29, 2009

I ran my first 5k and place 3rd in my age group!

Yes! I did! I really did! On whim, I decided to just jump in and run a 5K. I had been in a mental slump with running and felt I needed something to jolt me out of it. I didn't do anything to prepare other than my usual running/weight lifting routine but I left off my Friday run to rest my legs for the Saturday 5k because I'd read that somewhere.
I didn't sleep too well the night before and I worried that I would be too fatigued to even finish. Also, I train on a flat course and this was a hilly course. It challenged me but I just kept my slow little pace and forged on. Frankly, I think the reason I even placed is because the fast runners in my age category weren't there. My finish time was 40:27 and the next woman up was under 34. See? So, I've signed up for another one next week in Memphis. Clearly, I have caught the bug. I met two women near my age who are runners and they were very encouraging. A neighbor's brother was one of the volunteers who welcomed me. It's a community, from what I can tell. But here's the thing...yes I loved the comraderie, loved the tshirt LOVED the medal and applause...but what I really loved was being a solitary runner, with my own thoughts, my own music, running in collaboration with all these different kind of runners... I don't feel competitive with others. I just want to beat my own time everytime it's possible!This 5K gave me the boost to keep going,the confidence that I am "on to something" and a renewed hope and excitement about hitting the pavement again in the morning. A solitary runner, once again.


____Maggie said...

OMG!!!! That is wonderful news Susie!!!!! W2G!!!!! I'm gushing for you!!!!!!!! :D

sage said...


Susie said...

Thanks, Maggie and Sage! You two have been so faithful to read my blog and encourage me. It really helped me along the way!